Balance Point Membership Now Includes Plumbing Services

Added Benefits For the Same Low Price!

Not only have we expanded our membership benefits to include plumbing, but it's also automatically included in your current plan! With this new addition, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of knowing that your essential plumbing services are a part of your membership benefits

What’s New In Your Upgrade?

✔ 1 Annual Plumbing Inspection

✔ Water Heater Flush

✔ Discount on Plumbing Services

Plus, All Your Favorite Benefits Remain!

✔ 1 Heating Safety Inspection & Tune-Up Service

✔ 1 Cooling Safety Inspection & Tune-Up Service

✔ 24-Hour Emergency Services

✔ Humidifier Service Included

✔ One-Year Warranty on All Services

✔ 10% Discount on All Repairs

✔ Discounts on System Accessories/Upgrades

✔ High Efficient 1” Filter Included

✔ Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

✔ No Breakdown Guarantee

✔ Friends & Family Members Benefits

Ready to Schedule Your Plumbing Inspection with Water Heater Flush?

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Same Great Service

We're bringing the same high-quality service you trust in our heating and cooling services, to your plumbing needs. Whether it’s repairs, maintenance, or a new system installations, our technicians at Balance Point are a qualified and professional crew.

Installation and Repair Services Offered

-Water tanks & water heaters

-Bathtubs & showers

-Faucets, fixtures & pipes

-Wells & sump pumps

-Sewer lines

-Septic tanks

-Drain clogs & blockages

-and more!

Need Plumbing Services?

Contact the experts at Balance Point.

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