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Tom & Josh (Ryan too) are so easy to work with and have provided excellent service over the past year. Thank you, Team.
Timely work, great service, solved issues and were very prompt.
Good to work with. Very professional and thorough. Ryan is an excellent tech.
Nick Mott was awesome. Very professional and personable. The lengths he went to properly size my unit gave me the reassurance I needed. My unit hasn’t been working properly the past three years and just sick of it Walked me through his process and also liked he told me about the history of the company. Highly recommend Nick!
We are very happy with our service plan through Balance Point. John, our technician, was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend their services.
Great job and very friendly
Very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.
I strongly recommend Balance Point HVAC. I have been a Balance Point customer for many years. They were recommended to me over ten years ago by a plumber at Master Mechanical I met at a yoga class. For years they kept my old boiler going when other companies wouldn’t. I appreciate that.Recently, David and Ryan checked on the boiler and we decided that it wasn’t worth repairing anymore. It lasted fifty three years. Nick their salesman came out and came up with a plan for mini splits instead of another boiler. He is an expert on these things and very thorough. He’s also a very nice hardworking guy. He answered my questions and came up with the best option. He patiently let me hem and haw about such a large investment. He also helped me arrange the financing and talked to the HOA. They have never answered my calls. Once I decided to pull the trigger and squared away the money, a date was quickly set and Anthony and a different Ryan came out and worked for four days on the project. It was much more involved than I had imagined. They are very nice hard working guys. Anthony was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions. They also did an exterior vented range hood for me. It was a tricky job and it turned out well. So, I was very happy with them. The electrician, Eric, put a line from the fuse box through the ceiling to the outside. He did excellent work and was neat. I did the painting to match on the exterior.A week or so later I had some questions about a sound I heard late in the night. The first Ryan checked it out and explained it. He also noticed that my toilet tank was loose and told me how to fix it. I took care of it successfully.When I call Balance Point, a person, usually Larry, answers and is friendly and polite. I really appreciate getting a person instead of an automated system. Karen in the office helped me with paperwork and financing. She was very helpful and nice.As for the system itself, I got the best Mitsubishi hyper heats that money can buy. I’ve been using them for some heat. It’s been mild recently. They worked during the cold snap. My room which was always cold before was comfortable. I’m excited about being comfortable when the weather gets really hot. In the past, my place has been miserably hot in the summer.I don’t have any direct experience heating with the mini splits when it’s extremely cold but Excel took my meter, so I’m committed. Maybe I’ll write an update next spring.So, in a nutshell, Balance Point does good work and they are good folks. I didn’t even get a second opinion. That may not be for everyone, but I knew that I was going to go with them even if they weren’t the cheapest. I strongly recommend them. ❤️

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