How does an air conditioner work?

You may be surprised to learn that air conditioners don't technically make your home cooler; they actually remove the hot air and direct it outside. This hot air moves across a refrigerant coil on the indoor unit and then is sent to the outdoor unit where it is released. Your air conditioner transfers as much hot air outside as is necessary to reach the temperature you have set on your thermostat.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump can tackle both your homes heating and cooling needs, offering you one HVAC system that can be used all year. Throughout the warmer months, heat pumps act like an air conditioner, capturing the hot air from inside your home and transferring it outside; in the cooler months, this process is reversed. Heat pumps can be very energy efficient and may produce two to three times more heat than the energy used.

What is a ductless mini-split system?

A ductless mini-split system is an alternative to traditional heating and cooling like central air. Ductless HVAC works similarly to central heating and cooling, except that it doesn’t require duct-work. Your mini- split system will have an indoor and outdoor unit, but it will only require a small hole to be cut through the exterior wall —just big enough for a tube of refrigerant to pass through. Inside your home, the air will be conditioned and returned into the room by the same unit.

What is a Whole House Fan?

Homeowners here in the Fort Collins, CO, and Northern Colorado area generally use their home fan systems to supplement their air conditioner which will cut their cooling costs significantly. It is highly effective and energy efficient, as it employs cooler air from outdoors to cool your home, cutting back on your air conditioner’s usage.

How often should I have my furnace checked?

Your furnace should be checked yearly. It is best to have it looked at before the onset of winter. However, in most cases we can fine-tune and greatly improve the performance of your furnace at any time, even in the dead of winter. We run a detailed tune up, check all safeties and operating components, check for potential future problems, clean needed sensors to ensure proper operation for the season, etc. and this all adds up to saving you money. Call us now at 970-480-0387 to save your spot on our schedule!

How often should I have my A/C checked?

Due to the cost of utilities, your a/c should be serviced once a year. As a result of a properly tuned a/c, you will save money on your utility bills. In order to properly perform a tune-up on your a/c, the outdoor temperature should ideally be above 60 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Why does my home comfort system need regular maintenance?

Just like you need to take your car in to the shop for routine tune-ups, such as oil changes or looking at probable issues, your home comfort system should receive the same kind of attention. Routine maintenance by a professional technician provides various benefits to your HVAC equipment, which can help your systems perform efficiently and prevent costly breakdowns. Regular maintenance on new systems will also keep any manufacturers warranties active to avoid costly repairs down the road.

How much would it cost to find out what the problem is with my A/C or Furnace?

In order for us to diagnose the problem of your heating or cooling system, we must send out one of our certified-trained technicians. There is a $79 service call fee to dispatch a technician directly to you. At that point, our technicians will then be able to start the diagnostic and repair process give you a quote for the total cost to diagnose and repair, including all parts and labor for any problems that they have found.

Does this mean I need a new furnace?

No, not necessarily. It a may mean a number of things. Your filter may be dirty, or your blower wheel may have become really dirty thus restricting air flow. Be sure and check all intake vents or returns are not obstructed. Give us a call at 970-480-0387 and we can have one of our friendly representatives assist you.

How often should I change my air filter?

Changing your air filter is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life and efficiency of your furnace. Most people forget and don’t do it. Dust gathers and gets on the condenser and can ultimately ruin your furnace. We have a service package where we come out on a semi- annual basis, replace your filters and do a routine maintenance check on your home comfort system. There are a variety of different filters out there and they each may have a different timeline for replacement. Ask one of our certified technicians during your next visit how to best stay on top of ensuring all filters are clean!

How can I reduce my energy costs?

There are lots of ways to reduce your energy costs and one of the best ways is to make sure you have an energy-efficient HVAC system. Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning carries many highly efficient products that will help reduce the amount of energy you are using and save you money. In addition to searching for products that have the Energy Star® certification, high SEER ratings for air conditioners or AFUE ratings for furnaces, here are some other things to consider:

1. Remember to schedule regular maintenance and have an experienced professional take a look at your system to make sure its running efficiently.

2. If you have certain areas of your home that you need to heat or cool, you could consider a zoning system. This allows you to target that area and eliminates wasted energy on heating or cooling areas that aren't used.

3. Programmable or smart thermostats make it easier to maintain your home comfort while not consuming energy to heat or cool your space if you aren't home. It is an easy way to lower energy costs and once you set it, you can walk away and know its going to take care of your indoor comfort.

Why is my cooling unit freezing up?

When your cooling unit freezes up, there are a variety of reasons why it could be doing so. Common reasons include: dirty filters, low refrigerant, a dirty evaporative coil and a faulty blower motor or relay. Troubleshooting and repairs should be completed by a professional like those at Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning.

Contact us at 970-480-0387 with any further questions you may have.

Can frost, ice, dirt or other debris keep the outdoor unit of my cooling system from operating effectively?

Yes debris can inhibit your systems ability to function effectively. Its not uncommon for heat pumps to have frost or ice on them during the winter, but many include defrost controls so they can work efficiently regardless of the weather conditions.

When should I replace my furnace?

There are a number of factors that contribute to needing a furnace replacement. How old is your furnace? If it’s over 10 – 15 years old, it’s likely time to consider a furnace replacement—simply because this will improve your energy efficiency and avoid a nuisance breakdown in the worst time of year. Other factors include: how well it’s heating your home, how often it requires repairs, how much it costs to heat your home, etc.

How much will a new heating and air conditioner cost?

Since each home is so different, and has its own characteristics, it is difficult to give a price without looking at the area in which the furnace would be installed in. You also have so many different options that can specifically meet the needs of your family as well as your budget. Our Comfort Advisors are willing to come out to your home or business, and provide an evaluation and free estimate. Call to schedule your appointment with one of our coordinators at 970-480- 0387

When replacing the outdoor unit, should the indoor unit also be replaced?

At Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning, we do recommend replacing both your indoor and outdoor units at the same time because:

1. Outdoor systems are now built to work with their matching indoor system for maximum efficiency. When you replace one system but not the other, you may not see the same savings on your energy bills as if you had replaced them together. You can also qualify for more rebate dollars on complete systems, maximizing your investment.

2. Thanks to technological improvements, newer systems mean increased efficiency. This is true for HVAC products as well. While the advancements focus on higher heating and cooling efficiency, they also include benefits such as better air handling, filtering and noise reduction.

3. If your heating and cooling systems are over 10 years old, consider replacing them. Older models have outdated technology that is likely adding to your energy costs due to poor efficiency. So by replacing your indoor system at the same time as your outdoor equipment, both your systems will provide better energy efficiency that helps you lower your energy bills and keep your home more comfortable.

How do I guess what size equipment I should purchase?

Since equipment size needs vary by home, the best way to find out the correct size equipment for your home is to have an Advisor from Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning come out to perform load calculation tests. The tests take things like square footage, insulation value and amount, and more into account to determine your homes unique HVAC equipment needs.

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Do the HVAC systems that Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning carries offer advanced technologies?

Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning offers several different brands and models that include the most advanced technology on the market to help heat and cool your home more effectively and efficiently. Technology in the newer HVAC systems provides more precision when it comes to meeting your home comfort needs.

If you want more information, please reach out to our experts at 970-480- 0387.

Will my new furnace work differently than my old one?

Depending on how old your previous furnace was, you could experience a variety of differences. Furnaces today are created to give more even and efficient heating than ever before. Modern furnaces also better regulate temperature and air flow, moving more air over the heat exchanger than older furnaces.

Additionally, new furnaces are designed to operate with other high-efficiency HVAC products, such as air conditioners. The air conditioner blowers give your heating system an extra bump so it can deliver cool air around your home efficiently. Special features like variable speed motors will also help decrease noise associated with operating your equipment and easily meet your family's airflow needs.

What is the energy efficiency standard for Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps?

The Department of Energy recently boosted the minimum efficiency levels for air conditioners, heat pumps and packaged units made after Jan. 1, 2015, since heating and cooling contributes significantly to a homes total energy usage. The DOE is also regulating efficiency requirements further starting on Jan 1, 2023. The requirements vary by region, so call Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning for the efficiency standards for the Northern Colorado region.

How do I get rebates for my new heating and cooling equipment?

There is a ton of opportunity to save money on your new heating and cooling system via utility rebates, manufacturers rebates, and our own incentives. Sometimes upwards of many thousands of dollars back in your pocket! Utility rebates and manufacturer rebates are typically sent directly to you upon completion of the installation of your new equipment and can take anywhere form 6-10 weeks to receive. However, those are by check or prepaid visa card and mailed directly to you! We handle the rebate submission on behalf of all of our clients whom purchases a home comfort system from us so that you don't have to worry about the paperwork and the headache of submitting for your rebates. Give us a call to speak with one of our professionals on what rebates you could qualify for when upgrading your home comfort system.

What is two-stage heating?

With two-stage heating, furnaces may operate on two different levels: high and low. Since you can heat your home on the low setting a lot of the time, a two-stage furnace can run longer and more efficiently. Two-stage heating also operates more quietly than traditional furnaces and can give you more even heat distribution and fewer temperature swings.

What is two-stage cooling?

When a cooling system uses two-stage cooling, it means that there are two levels of operation. This lets the system work as efficiently as possible since there is one level for milder weather and another for harsher weather that demands the system work harder. Two- stage cooling also enables almost unnoticeable temperature changes so you don't experience extreme differences in temperature. Aside from better efficiency, other benefits of two-stage cooling include quieter operation and enhanced humidity control.

What are the benefits of buying my new HVAC system from Select Comfort Systems Heating & Air Conditioning?

Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning has been assisting the Northern Colorado community for many years and has been providing trustworthy and dependable service. Our service and the products we carry are of the highest quality and you will be satisfied with our solutions. Our experienced team is here to help you achieve your ideal home comfort. We also carry a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and are on a mission to deliver a superior service and installation experience.

How can I improve my home's indoor air quality?

There are four things to assess when enhancing your indoor air quality:

1. The indoor air quality in your home starts to suffer when the air begins filling up with air pollutants. The biggest concern is getting rid of these pollutants. Some to-dos to add to your weekly checklist is vacuuming, washing your linens and making sure any cleaning products are stored properly.

2. Especially in newer homes, the insulation is installed so well that it might be hard for these pollutants to leave the home. While it helps to keep your home warm or cool, depending on the season, its beneficial to get some fresh air inside.

3. Make sure that you have good ventilation and perform routine maintenance on your system. And while that's helpful, you can also take your IAQ even further by using air filters, germicidal lights and purification systems to get rid of particles while eliminating chemical vapors.

4. Smart or programmable thermostats can help control humidity levels as well as the temperature. This can help avert germs and other particles from collecting while sustaining your home comfort.

How can I find out which indoor air quality product is right for my home?

No two homes are alike, which is why we advise that you contact our pros at Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning to find out which solution will be best for your space. Our team will conduct an assessment of your current system and chat about what your ideal home comfort looks like. That will help us decide which products will be most effective.

Which thermostat is best for my heating and cooling system?

Balance Point Heating & Air Conditioning can help recommend the right thermostat for you based on your home and current heating and cooling equipment. We offer a selection of programmable and non-programmable thermostats, which can help increase the efficiency of your homes furnace and/or air conditioner.

View our thermostats or give us a call at 970-480-0387 for more information.

I have a Lennox IComfort Communicating Thermostat and its giving me a code saying "cannot communicate with equipment" or an Error Code E411, what do I do?

If you have a Lennox communicating thermostat and get any error codes, try to reset the thermostat by turning the breaker switch off to the furnace or air handler and turning it back on. If the error doesn’t go away, give us a call so we can have a technician come and get the system running perfectly again!

Are you hiring at all?

We are always accepting resumes for great people. if interested please send a current resume to info@balancepointheating.com . When we are looking to fill a position, we will go through the resumes we have on file.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment give us a call or go to the homepage of our website where you can book an appointment in real time by booking online! We schedule appointments for Monday- Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. We do our very best to accommodate and prioritize urgent needs of our clientele!

Why is there not a set time for my appointment?

Our estimates and installation appointments do absolutely have set times. However, our service schedule is structured by arrival windows. The appointment arrival windows are the first call at 8:00am, an AM appointment (9-12pm) or a PM appointment 12-5pm. We have service schedule appointments this way to ensure we have the adequate time to take care of each and every appointment we have. Just like your appointment we don't want to have to rush and possibly make a mistake to meet a set appointment time for the next appointment. We also do not expect you to wait around for 4-5 hours for your technician to arrive. Go about your day and we will be in contact when the technician is getting ready to head your way allowing you time to get home or prepare for their arrival. We have a way to text, call, and email to stay in contact regarding your appointment.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment! 970-480-0387

Do you offer weekend service?

We do have an emergency technician on call to handle emergency situations for our existing clients. However, we do not take weekend or after hours appointments for new customers, and we have some stipulations regarding a true emergency to be able to go out to after hours or on a weekend. We work really hard to keep a great staff and allowing technicians the time after work to spend with their families is extremely important to us. We hope you understand! With that being said, we do book appointments 24/7. Give us a call anytime, and if we cannot come out on a weekend we can get you on the schedule for the next available appointment.

Thank you! 970- 480-0387