Boiler service.

What is a Boiler?

Most people immediately think of furnaces when opting to heat their homes. However, boilers provide a highly effective heat option, have a long life, can reach high heating efficiencies, and some types require little or no pumping energy. Boilers are an important part of a central heating system. They’re a continuous closed loop of pipes carrying heated water (or steam) throughout your home. As the water runs through the pipes, running through radiators, the hot water cools on its path as it gives off its heat, heating your rooms, then returns back to the boiler to be reheated again. The boiler keeps firing, to continuously reheat the returned cool water, and then sends it on its way again throughout your home.

How Does a Boiler Work?

The boiler is controlled/turned on with an electric switch, which when turned on, opens a valve where the gas enters a combustion chamber. There is a continuous stream of natural gas via a pipe attached to the home’s gas main, usually from the street, that feeds a fire inside this chamber. Its electric ignition system is what lights these small jets of gas. The gas jets fire onto a heat exchanger connected to the water pipe carrying the cold water. The heat exchanger takes the gas-generated heat and heats the water, typically to around 140ºF (60ºC). The now-hot water is pushed throughout the home. An electric pump inside or very near the boiler keeps the water flowing through the loop of pipes and radiators.

Is a Boiler Right for My Home?

Typically, boilers are categorized into different types based on their fuel type, working pressure and temperature, size and capacity, draft method, and whether or not they condense the water vapor in the combustion gases. Sometimes boilers are described by some by their key components, such as heat exchanger materials or tube design.

The two main types of boilers are Firetube and Watertube boilers. In the former, the Firetube boiler, combustion hot gases flow through a system of tubes surrounded by water. In the latter, the Watertube boiler, water flows in the inside of the tubes, and the combustion hot gases flow around the outside of the tubes.

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Boiler Maintenance

As mentioned above, boilers have some wonderful advantages (long life, highly effective, high heat efficiency), but they do need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep these advantages. If neglected, boilers’ repairs can be costly and fuel bills can add up quickly. If you currently have a boiler and it's been awhile since you’ve had maintenance performed on it, or if you’re thinking of installing a boiler, call Balance Point. Our technicians would be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.


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Jim H.
Been using BP since you installed a steam humidifier and we’re the ONLY contractor (out of 3) who suggested not mounting it to the return air due to noise of start-up echoing through the ducts.Dave clearly explains problems and their effect on the equipment and system.👍
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David and Marcus have been terrific to work with, have followed up in a timely manner, have proven to be skilled and ethical in their work assessments, and most important, they have earned my trust. If you need HVAC services, call Balance Point!
Dan G.
Our 100 year old house was gas heated and had no air conditioning. The need for air conditioning became a concern for us. Converting to a ducted heat pump system provided a way to meet coming needs. Balance Point did a great job on this project. Nick carefully studied our house to design and size the system. Installation occurred over 3 days. Anthony and Kevin led effort. The workmanship was excellent, including some custom duct work that was required. They kept us informed about what was going on, and they did their best to minimize household disruption. It was a quality project from start to finish.
stan J.
Dave Crownover is unmatched in both his vast knowledge of Balance Point products and his keen ability to convey technical information in layman’s terms for our complete understanding. Conscientious, thorough, and personable, Dave always put his best foot forward in troubleshooting and solving any problems or concerns that may arise. In all, we could not be happier with our HVAC system installed by Balance Point and insist on having Dave assigned to overseeing our bi-yearly maintenance check-ups! Rest assured, we could not recommend more highly Balance Point’s products and employees and wish to give a well-deserved shout-out to Dave Crownover for his friendly and exceptional service!Stan & Betsy Johnston
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Stellar. Quick. Integrity. Also alerted me to an issue with a bad sprinkler shut off.

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