Workplace Productivity––How Your HVAC Plays a Role

Workplace Productivity––How Your HVAC Plays a Role. Image shows three people sitting together in an office and looking at one laptop.

Heating, cooling, and ventilation can make or break a business. On a hot day, shoppers will spend more time at a retail store if it’s nice and cool. In an industrial setting, ventilation keeps employees and equipment safe.

Heating and cooling costs can make up a significant portion of your overhead. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) notes that running HVAC equipment makes up one-third of your commercial building energy consumption. That’s why it is so important to be sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

At Balance Point Heating & Air-Conditioning, we’re pleased to bring our years of HVAC expertise and solid work ethic to the table. One of the best parts about our job is the long-term relationships we’ve formed with fellow Colorado businesses.

From our desk to yours, here are four common factors to monitor with your commercial heating and air conditioning system:

A Breath of Fresh Air

Clean indoor air quality (IAQ) makes for happy staff and customers. However, poorly maintained equipment can lead to poor air quality.

Dust and debris can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. To avoid this issue, be sure to change or clean your air filters at least every 90 days, or to manufacturer requirements. You should also schedule a duct cleaning visit once every two years or so.

You should also schedule seasonal maintenance visits. Your specialist will check for and correct risk factors that could cause unwanted pollutants to enter the air stream.

Noise Levels

Some noise is normal—it means your heating and cooling equipment is doing its job. However, loud rattling or banging can become a workplace distraction. It also may mean you have a mechanical problem. If your air system is making strange noises, contact your HVAC specialist for assistance right away.

Heating and Cooling Consistency

Do your heating and cooling seem patchy? Is the temperature never seem right, no matter how many times you adjust your thermostat? This issue could point to a problem.

One common culprit is thermostat placement. Your thermostat is the eyes, ears, and brains of your HVAC system. If it’s located in an area where it won’t get a proper temperature reading, your business will be the wrong temperature.

Problems with ventilation, like leaky ducts or a damaged blower, also lead to inconsistent climate control.

Energy Bills

If your energy bills are higher than they should be, there may be something going on with your heating and cooling system. This usually means your central air system is being overworked. You may have an oversized or undersized unit that is using up too much energy. This could also point to leaky ducts or a mechanical problem.

Air control equipment also begins to use more energy as it reaches its expiration date. Air conditioners generally last around 10 to 15 years, while furnaces may last 15 to 20 years. If your utilities have become unreasonably expensive, have a heating and cooling specialist assess your situation.

Maintenance Schedule

Is your central air system getting the attention it deserves? To keep your equipment in good condition and avoid costly repairs, set up a seasonal maintenance plan. That’s why Balance Point Heating & Air-Conditioning offers a commercial maintenance plan with special discounts, priority service, and more for our valued business partners.

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